Tip No 8: Be Gentle on the Shutter!

A very keen reader sent me a question related to last week’s snippet asking the following:

“When I take pictures my photos are tilted, I check my grid lines and still get a tilt, why?”

I’m happy to say I think I know what’s wrong with your pictures.

I think you’re pressing your shutter button a bit too hard and that’s creating the tilt even when you think you are completely straight; You have to be gentle when pressing the shutter, it’s not a machine gun, it’s just a button!

Photography by Xavier D. Buendia

If your horizon lines look like this, you’re pressing the button too hard

Still, nowadays I have the bad habit of pushing my shutter button a bit too hard more often than I wish, I have images with that same odd tilt to the left and if I don’t leave enough room on the edges, I end up losing part of the image when trying to straighten the photo.

Hilton Metropole, Brighton

Bad habit

Hilton Metropole, Brighton

Bad habit corrected

Funny enough I was looking at some pictures the other day and noticed that many photographers have the same bad habit. If it’s not too exaggerated, it doesn’t really matter, in fact, there is a bit of an artistic touch in this fault but if you’re presenting your photos to clients or commercially, is best to keep things as straight as possible.

Anyway, there you go, release some tension from your hand and the tilt should disappear.

Got any questions about your photography, send them over and I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can. GET IN TOUCH

Until next time.


Copyright Notice: All photographs are subject to copyright and protected by UK and international law. Total or partial copy and/or reproduction is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use these photographs for personal, editorial or commercial purposes, please get in touch. ©Xavier D. Buendia / XDBPhotography



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