Tip No 7: Keep Things Straight

There is nothing more upsetting than a slight tilt on what is meant to be a straight photo. People tend to be attracted to order in a frame and in an artistic composition, that’s why your camera and your phone screen come with grid lines and level guides to help you get the horizon line as straight as possible.

When shooting overhead and straight ahead photos, it is essential that you keep your angles and perspectives as straight as you can. Lightroom and Photoshop have a very powerful tool to straighten your pictures; if you’re shooting on a phone, get Lightroom or Photoshop for mobile or use Instagram straightening tool. There’s also an app called SKRWT which works well for correcting any dodgy angles.

brighton food photography - xavier d buendia118

A slight tilt makes things look odd

brighton food photography - xavier d buendia119

It takes an instant to straighten things up

Remember, the way you present your photos is the way you are perceived as a photographer and it’s always best to do a bit of tidying up, right?

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Until next time.


Copyright Notice: All photographs are subject to copyright and protected by UK and international law. Total or partial copy and/or reproduction is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use these photographs for personal, editorial or commercial purposes, please get in touch. ©Xavier D. Buendia / XDBPhotography



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