Tip No 6: Make it Personal

As a food photographer, you will want to cover every aspect of the genre. From kitchen shots to interior spaces, to chefs in action and of course delicious food on the table. But, whatever your purpose to take pictures of food is, try to make it as personal as possible.

Barfields Butchers

There has to be something that you keep doing all the time and that works well for you, even if it feels like a cliche, this will become your personal style in the long run. Keep repeating that shot and make it part of your style.

Brighton Food Photography - Make it Personal - Xavier Buendia

For example, some people like to put a fork in their food, even in soups, I’m not judging… others like to place a tea towel or spices that relate to the food, others like to take only overhead shots. Me, I like hands manipulating food, plating food and preparing food, it helps me tell the story that the food I’m photographing is real and not prepared and styled only for a shoot.

Riddle & Finns

People tend to connect with photos that they can relate to so if you develop a personal style and keep throwing your personal tricks every now and then, your storytelling will become much stronger and cohesive, capisce?

Brighton Food Photography make it personal xavier buendia

Now, if you’re regularly posting your foodie pics on social media, make sure you have an even share of these personal shots. This will give your feed a much personal feel and will drag more attention. Also, why not mixing things around and throw one of your tricks mixing personal shots with business shots? Think about it.

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