Tip No 3: Train the eye

The best thing that you can do to improve your photography is to train your eye and your mind by looking at what's around you in an original and critical manner. In my last tip, I mentioned the importance of learning to see. Training your eye is the best advice I can give you and... Continue Reading →

Tip No 2: Learn to see

We have the light sorted, you know your exposures, that beautiful food is being laid in front of you and then you stare at it with a blank expression and think... What should I do now? Don't worry! Every food photographer has been there at some point in their career, some more than others but... Continue Reading →

Tip No 1: All You Need is Light

Hi, welcome to the very first lesson of this year-long food photography tutorial. These tutorials are aimed at anyone with an interest in the obvious: food and photography but there is no specific specialty so it doesn't matter if you're a blogger, a foodie instagrammer, a chef, or a pro photographer. Before we begin, let... Continue Reading →

Start making better food pictures!

Great news for all foodies wanting to take their photography to the next level! From Wednesday the 3rd of January and every Wednesday onwards I will be sharing a food photography tip or trick to get you in the right direction to instant social media and foodie fame! It'll be as simple as what you're already... Continue Reading →

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